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Lyric from a poem by Justin R Benson. Featuring Brenda Lee Johnson on lead vocal. Bozwell on backing vocals and instruments.


Maybe I Loved You (Lyric from a poem by Justin Benson)

Brushing up behind me
Goose bumps and shivers
Your scent I could die for
Nostalgia flows like rivers

Hindsight’s convoluted
Not transparent, not blissful
Grasping, memories
Pull hair out in fistfuls, maybe....

Maybe I loved you
Butterflies and all
Maybe you were everything
And I don't recall
Am I still me?
The one I see clearly,
Is this still my life?
If I forget, forget how I got here?

Reflection like a fun house
Distorted and dishonest
Oddly recognizable
But not what was promised

Places with the wrong event
People with wrong faces
Losing bits of time
Without hints or traces


Were those moments unimportant?
not worth remembering?
Like a memory not worth rendering
Not worth sending?


© Bozwell / Five Firs Music, 2021