1. Gary's Gone
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For anyone who has had to attend the funeral of a good friend who was taken too young. Featuring Dave Geiselmayr on drums. Bozwell on all other vocals and instruments.


Gary's Gone

So today is the day I must say good-bye my friend
Sometimes there's no beginning there's nothing but an end
They said your leaving was unexplained
But if we knew why what would it change?
Would we feel any better could someone take the blame?

Gary's gone
Gary's gone, gone, gone
What went wrong?
What went wrong, Gary's gone

So today is the day I must pay my last respects
Though you lay there before me it seems some kind of trick
That's not your face, where is your grin
Is there a place we can laugh again
I know if there's a heaven they'll treat you like a king


© Bozwell / Five Firs Music, 2021