1. Lazy Afternoon
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A tribute to the age-old fine art of relaxation, constantly under assault these days. Featuring Greg Critchley on drums and Allison Leyton-Brown on backing vocals. Bozwell on all other vocals and instruments.


Lazy Afternoon

It's a lazy afternoon
Nothin' seems worth doin'
No, nothing seems to matter much at all
Something in the air
No one seems to care, no
Having fun, it's only natural

I think it used to be this way
Long before factories and pay
When people caught the mood of the day

It's a lazy afternoon
Please hold back the moon
'Cause time's a river and I want to wade
I will spend the day
Here with Don Pepe
Just looking through these red rose coloured shades


It's a lazy afternoon, lazy afternoon

© Bozwell / Five Firs Music, 2021