1. Detox Alumni
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A look back at high school days. Featuring Phil Pacca on drums. Bozwell on all other vocals and instruments.


Detox Alumni

It’s a Friday in spring time and you’re on your way to school
You take a little detour and you break a couple rules
And the wind’s a little chill
But you surrender to its’ will
And you blow down through the streets just like a leaf

And the detox alumni assemble in the square
With their brown bag elixir, weathered faces, matted hair
And the sky’s cadaver grey
But you don’t feel that way today
So you stop and buy a record for your soul

Take it all in your stride
One daydream at a time
It all takes longer than expected
And believe it or not
You’ll connect all the dots
But somehow you’ll still feel disconnected

So you slip into the hallowed halls before the second bell
Where you feel just like a shadow of a shadow of yourself
There’s a girl with wolfen eyes makes you crumble up inside
But she’s not going to look into your eyes


Taking it all in your stride?

And the detox alumni are now stumbling in the square
From the brown bag elixir - wild faces, matted hair
And the bus will take you home
There’s still time to be alone
Take a puff and play that record for your soul, ah, for your soul

Taking it all in your stride
Mmm, taking it all in your stride

© Bozwell / Five Firs Music, 2021