New recordings

The extra time on my hands during this pandemic has provided an opportunity to pull out recordings that were started but for one reason or another, never finished. I found that I had a great many tracks that had promise but just needed some time and attention to finish to my satisfaction. I can foresee eventually completing 3 collections, or albums, 1 of newly released rock tunes, a 2nd of country-inspired tunes and a 3rd of jazz material. When they will all be complete is anybody's guess, but as current listening trends tend towards single songs (or playlists of songs from several sources), I have begun this week uploading tunes as they are complete. In addition I have been planning a new album of guitar instrumentals mostly in a finger-picking style.

Hope every one is holding up under the constraints of the pandemic. You may identify with the sentiment of my recent song post "Cabin Fever". My sincere thanks to all those who take the time to listen to my music.

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